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English - Conditions of Use - Conditions of Use run a website to allow the owners of private holiday villas & rental apartment accommodation to advertise their holiday rental homes online to holiday makers.

Our terms and conditions for advertising your holiday property on our website are listed below

Any advert or content deemed potentially illegal, defamatory, offensive or in any other way inappropriate will be removed from this site. The decision as to what material falls in to those categories is entirely at the discretion of reserve the right to refuse any advertising that we deem to be unsuitable. The decision as to what is unsuitable will be based on the condition above and on an assessment as to the adverts suitability and compatibility with the design, functionality, aims and goals of this site i.e. to fairly and honestly promote rental properties abroad to holidaymaker's.

Advertisers may alter adverts at any time. To maintain the integrity of the site we are notified of any changes made to your advertisement. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content that we deem necessary in order fulfil any of our terms and conditions, to enhance the advert or to improve the adverts effectiveness or our sites functionality. are the sole arbitrators of that decision.

Where payment for an advertisement is required this must have been made in full prior to details being uploaded onto the site.

We will try to offer advice and assistance to owners where possible in order to maximize your rental potential. However rentals remain the sole responsibility of the property owners. Ultimately we are purely an introductory body. aim to introduce potential holidaymaker's / customers to those offering property for rent. We are not in any way involved in any contract or agreement between the two. We strongly advise both holidaymaker's and property owners to make reasonable enquiries to protect their own interests and to agree to a legally binding contract to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes at a later date. are a third party and are not subject to any rental agreements or contracts.

We advise all renters and property owners to take every possible step to protect themselves, for example renters should always verify the personal details of the owner and obtain references about both the owner and the property. Any legitimate owner will be happy to accept payment in a way that can assist you to confirm their identity, location and name, for example a bank transfer into an account in their name at a location geographically close to their home. Any legitimate owner will be happy to let you telephone them at home, write to them at home and to verify there address by electoral role or any of the multitude of other address verification methods available today. These are the bare minimum checks and we advise that you take as many steps as possible to protect yourself from Internet fraud. It is impractical and virtually impossible for us to check every owner who advertises on our site for a variety of reasons. However the likely hood is that you will only be renting one property, so we wish to make it clear and a condition of using this site that you accept by using the site that you acknowledge and accept that we do not in any way vet or guarantee advertisers on this site and that you are solely responsible for taking precautions to protect your interests when making a rental. We are simply a media on which people can advertise properties, we are not a rental agency and we can not in any way verify the details of the owner or the advertised property. Obviously if we become aware of a problem we will act immediately and endeavour to protect all of our customers however we wish to stress that we are simply an introductory site and that, as with anything in life, you should take as many precautions as humanly possible to protect yourself.

We advise all owners to take similar steps to those that we have advised renters to take above. While the Internet is a fantastic media to advertise your holiday home and to enable literally hundreds of thousands of people to see your property that unfortunately means that lowlife and criminals also have a means of contacting you. Some people simply won't work for a living, instead they prefer to try and deceive you out of your hard earned money. We try our best to spot fraudsters using our site but in view of the volume of enquires we now receive we can offer no guarantee's as to the genuine nature of the person contacting you through our site.

Holiday home owners are advised to ensure that you are aware of Internet fraud methods by constantly researching freely available sources such as the Internet. Be aware of current scams such as Advanced fee fraud (see the article in our owners section) so that you can recognise problems before it's too late. Make sure that before you release any bank details whatsoever you have verified the customers personal details (see above advise for renters.) Obviously if we become aware of a problem we will act immediately and endeavour to protect all of our owners however we wish to stress that we are simply an introductory site and that, as with anything in life, you should take as many precautions as humanly possible to protect yourself.

We will endeavour to ensure that any technical difficulties with this web site are corrected at the earliest opportunity but cannot be held responsible for situations beyond their control or any ongoing repercussions. We will at all times try our best to ensure uninterrupted service but it is impossible for us to guarantee the uninterrupted or error-free operation of this site.

All users of this site accept that by doing so they are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions posted on the site. would like to point out to all users of this web site that information is not placed on this web site by but by individuals wishing to let property. In some cases these individuals may be acting as agents. accept no legal responsibility for the accuracy of the advertisements, or any alleged breaches of contract on an advertiser's part. is simply an introductory web site and it is impossible for us to vet every renter, holidaymaker, property owner or property. We strongly recommend that both owners and renters take steps to protect their interests including research into the other party and obtaining a legally binding contracts.

The advertiser indemnifies against all costs, expenses and losses arising out of a claim relating to the content of an advertisement. We expect our advertisers to describe their properties fairly and accurately and to deal with any reasonable complaints that may be brought to their attention.

We accept no responsibility for misrepresentation by any individual advertising on our site. Any such misrepresentation may make advertisers liable to breaches of consumer or other legislation within the UK and / or their country of origin. The accuracy of information posted on this web site is the responsibility of those supplying that information, not

We try our best to keep our website pages up to date and accurate, but when elements are outside out control we are not able to offer any guarantee of their accuracy.

All terms and conditions shall be governed by English law.

If you have any feedback, problems or suggestions regarding then please [ contact us ]


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